Pretty Leaves, Autumn Breeze


I miss the cozy coolness of Fall…

Fall is truly the perfect season. There’s a freshness in the atmosphere, a certain calm. The leaves turn beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow, and the breeze is perfect. It might be a little nippy, but the chill weather allows for the perfect amount of layers—you’re not so bundled up that you resemble an eskimo, but stylish enough to be cute and cozy. And I’m a big fan of the layered look. Socks and tights, scarves and hats, gloves and mittens, all of it… It’s possible that I’m so in love with fall because I was born in September.

September, for me, represents new beginnings. A new year of birth. A new list of school-year resolutions/objectives. A new wardrobe. A new track pre-season. A new[er], more refined, me! I’ll be gaining another year of life this September and I’m so excited! Honestly, I don’t think the world is ready; I’m coming bigger and better than ever before. There will be plenty of adventures, new connections, many exciting projects, and excursions into the medical field.

Claim it: Favor will be mine this fall!


Photo Challenge! Theme: Carefree [Summer]

I love taking photos: of other people dancing, selfies (who doesn’t have selfie syndrome?? don’t lie!), of sports events, of delicious food….pretty much anything that intrigues me. Shoot, I’m basically a professional [Instagram] photographer. This week, I came across the blog: and it has weekly photo challenges. So I decided to give it a go! Taking a pic everyday shouldn’t be too hard.

I recently went on a trip to DC with my friend Tolu. We both hadn’t been to the National Mall in awhile and decided to enjoy our city. It was a brief trip, but it was fun nonetheless! We went to Gallery Place/China Town, saw the capitol building, the Washington monument, the National Building Museum, saw the Newseum (from the outside), ate at The Green Turtle Sports Bar & Grille, and had some great conversation.

Here is my best shot of the capitol (I need some work haha):