Just Do It


If you’re on my side of the world, then it’s a glorious day! The sun is shining high in the sky, the birds are singing a sweet melody, and the leaves on the trees are exuding a rich green hue. *cue Michael Bublé song*

It’s time to get that run in! Come on now. Get off that bed and get some work in! You staggered into the house at 4a? No problem. It’s 10.30a. That’s over 6 hours of sleep, more than you get on a regular day. Just pop an aspirin, eat a granola bar/apple and be on your merry way. You have work in a couple hours? Perfect. You can get a nice 30-minute run in and still have time to take a long, hot shower—and have time to beat that face (put your makeup on). No excuses. #fitnessfirst #lookgoodfeelgood


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