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Sunday Morning Motivation: Make It Happen

Have you ever wanted something so badly that it consumes you? You think about it day-in and day-out? Getting that perfect GPA? Shattering that school sports record? Earning that degree? Losing that weight? Reading that book? Cooking that meal all by yourself? Well, the time is now.

NO MORE excuses. NO MORE people holding you back. The time is NOW! Go get it! Go get your blessing! I for one am tired of making excuses as to why I’m not fulfilling my potential. I’m tired of not killing the game like I know I can.

This is a call to action for everyone reading this. Get up, and go get it—go fulfill your God-given potential!x

Photo Challenge! Theme: Carefree [Summer]

I love taking photos: of other people dancing, selfies (who doesn’t have selfie syndrome?? don’t lie!), of sports events, of delicious food….pretty much anything that intrigues me. Shoot, I’m basically a professional [Instagram] photographer. This week, I came across the blog: dailypost.wordpress.com and it has weekly photo challenges. So I decided to give it a go! Taking a pic everyday shouldn’t be too hard.

I recently went on a trip to DC with my friend Tolu. We both hadn’t been to the National Mall in awhile and decided to enjoy our city. It was a brief trip, but it was fun nonetheless! We went to Gallery Place/China Town, saw the capitol building, the Washington monument, the National Building Museum, saw the Newseum (from the outside), ate at The Green Turtle Sports Bar & Grille, and had some great conversation.

Here is my best shot of the capitol (I need some work haha):