Song of the Day

“She no want designer, she no want Ferrari, she say na my love o.. …they say love is blind, but I dey see for eyes o…nobody can love you like I do…”

I love this song! Davido is a farmer that falls in love with the prince’s love interest. It’s a sweet tale that shows how love can transcend classes. #romanticatheart


Quote of the Day

Great is your mercy towards me
Your loving kindness towards me
Your tender mercy I see
Day after day
Forever faithful towards me
Always providing for me
Great is your mercy towards me
Great is your grace
– Donnie Mcclurkin

Song of the Day

I woke up thinking about my upcoming final exams, and was in desperate need of some gospel music. Gospel music instantly lifts my mood! I hear this song on the radio a lot and I start jamming and grinning like I just got some ice cream! Hope this makes your day a bit brighter :).